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Security is one of the most rapidly growing and changing field becoming a compelling reason of concern for companies in about every industry. 

With the rising security requirements, increase in the regulatory scrutiny and compliance requirements whether from a regulator/client it is imperative to have an executive responsible for driving organization’s cyber security and spreading awareness amongst the management on Information security risks.   

CISCO Services comprises of a tailor-made solution delivered by experienced consultants that align with the organization’s security obligations 

CISO Sustenance Service

CISO Strategy

CISO Reporting

CISO Benefits

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CISCO Sustenance Service

Define a detailed plan that standardizes security across an organization. As advisors guide the organization effective and efficient operations for cybersecurity. It helps organizations to change their outlook from reactive to proactive security, ensuring readiness to respond to various relevant threats. Additionally drive a review mechanism in the form of self-assessment/audits of the organization at defined intervals as per the compliance requirements.

CISCO Strategy

Advise senior management and board on current security posture and risks around people, process and technology. Drive a long-term cybersecurity roadmap.

We orchestrate a comprehensive CISCO strategy tailored to web development, fusing seamless user experiences with robust security. Our approach intertwines secure coding practices, regular vulnerability assessments, and real-time threat monitoring. By embedding a security-first mindset into every line of code, we fortify digital assets and assure clients of unwavering data protection. Elevate your web development with a CISO strategy that safeguards reputation and user trust.

CISCO Reporting

Our meticulous CISCO reporting framework ensures transparent communication of security measures throughout the web development journey. We provide real-time insights into threat landscapes, vulnerability assessments, and mitigation strategies. Through streamlined reporting, we empower informed decision-making, collaboration, and risk management. Elevate your web development projects with comprehensive CISO reporting that enhances security posture and client confidence.

CISCO Benefits

Cost-effectiveness. CISCO Services is usually cheaper than having a full time CISCO in house saving on capital expenditures and getting an ROI. 

Custom Services: The service can be designed to fit the requirements of each company and scalable as were the requirement.  

Long- and short-term benefits. Identify immediate risks and help address those by tightening controls. Sustain the controls implemented and improve core processes and infrastructure. 

Experience. Plethora of experience available at varied levels to support the diverse needs of the organization

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