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Custom Enterprise mobility services

With the rise of BYOD, enterprise mobility management has become a real issue for big enterprises. But no matter however big of a deal it is for you, our enterprise mobility software solutions are bound to help your employees stay connected and your company data secure. In short, you can now embrace enterprise mobility and get ahead in the competition without any worry.

Our Vision

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Custom Enterprise mobility services

Our enterprise mobility solutions are aimed to help you embrace the increasing mobility among your employees and get ahead in the competitive market. No matter what the industry, as more and more employees use their smartphones for work purposes, your business data faces more threats. Which is why our Enterprise mobility software solutions are aimed at all different kinds of industries.

  • Enterprise mobility consulting:With the right mobility consulting service, you can make the most out of your mobility initiatives.
  • Enterprise Mobility app development Overcome the most challenging problems with enterprise mobile application development.
  • App security Immaculate security is key for proper enterprise mobility management and that is our motto.
  • Mobile information management Mobile information management or MIM can secure and manage sensitive enterprise data on mobile devices.
  • Mobile device management An effective Mobile device management policy in place, you can ensure the safety of critical business information.
  • Mobile workforce solutions Our mobile workforce solutions can help you to manage business data and make it simple for the staff members to work at your enterprise

Benefits of EMS

  • Improved employee productivity Enterprise mobility solutions will improve the productivity of individual employees, no matter what method you are applying.
  • Data accuracy and device sharing With enterprise mobility solutions, you get better data accuracy and sharing features.
  • Deliver great customer experience Our Enterprise Mobility Management services are perfectly matched with your requirements.
  • Increased ROI With mobility strategies, you can always expect better ROI.

Key Features

Enterprise mobility refers to the use of mobile devices, applications, and technologies to enable employees to access company resources and perform work-related tasks while on the go. Here are some key features and benefits of enterprise mobility:


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support

Analytics and Reporting

Offline Functionality

Location-Based Services

Integration with Existing Systems

Secure Data Access

Fully Responsive

Fast Loading Times

Clean/Lovely Design

Built with WordPress

Retina Ready

Browser Compatibility

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1 Year Premium Support

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Why we choose?

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility (also known as business mobility) is the growing trend of businesses to offer remote working options, allow the use of personal laptops and mobile devices for business purposes and make use of cloud technology for data access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MDM software and EMM software?

MDM and EMM are two stages in the evolution of enterprise device management and they both allow IT admins to manage and ensure corporate data security on devices in enterprises. MDMS enables to enforce basic device management policies, while enterprise mobility management tools allow for the management of mobile content, applications, and more in addition to everything that MDM offers. However, with this evolution, IT admins often use both EMM and MDM terms interchangeably to mean comprehensive mobile device management.

How does an EM software work?

An EM software/solution enables you to keep security threats at bay, without affecting productivity by managing the devices, apps, content and access. With the help of EMM solutions organizations can blocklist malisious  on devices, enforce security policies on devices,enable encryptions, prevent unauthorized access and sharing of corporate data across all the devices in the organization, andRemotely Device Access. In essence, EMM tools enable admins to:

  • Enroll: Using EMM software, IT admins can enroll both enterprise- and employee-owned devices (across platforms and device types) in bulk and over the air, all from a central console.
  • Provision: EMM tools allow admins to configure devices with the necessary permissions and security restrictions and to distribute the required resources, ensuring users have secure access to everything they need.
  • Manage: Once devices are handed over to employees, admins monitor and manage them from the EMM server, taking proactive and reactive measures to keep corporate data secure.
  • Retire: EMM tools remotely raise alarms, track locations, and wipe data on lost or stolen enterprise devices. Devices can also be reassigned to different users or have a complete wipe or a corporate wipe performed on them.


    What is EMM or Enterprise mobility management?

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a set of policies and practices used by organizations to secure sensitive corporate data on corporate-owned and employee-owned mobile devices. Mobile Device Manager Plus is a comprehensive EMM solution that allows IT teams and admins to manage devices across multiple platforms, enforce the required security measures to protect business-critical data on these devices, as well as enhance employee productivity by remotely distributing apps and securely granting access to the data required by employees, all from a central console.

    How has enterprise mobility management (EMM) evolved from MDM?

    Though IT admins have complete control over on-premises devices, when mobile devices started entering the workflow, it resulted in corporate data being accessed over the internet by devices that organizations did not control. Mobile device management tools initially offered basic remote management capabilities. However, when mobile devices evolved, with several new features added in each update, IT admins realized that basic management alone would not suffice. This led to MDM evolving into enterprise mobility management, allowing admins to remotely enroll, secure, and manage mobile devices as well as the apps and content on them across platforms, all from a single console.

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